English Attack! Online Language Learning Service Launches In Japan

Tokyo-based interactive experts 3goo K.K. chosen to bring innovative “digital immersion” service to Japanese learners of English

Entertainment Learning, the pioneering education company, and 3goo K.K. announce and exclusive partnership for the marketing of the English Attack! online English language learning platform (www.english-attack.com) in Japan.

Tokyo, March 6, 2014: Entertainment Learning, the pioneering education company, and 3goo K.K. announce and exclusive partnership for the marketing of the English Attack! online English language learning platform (www.english-attack.com) in Japan.

3goo, headed by Nicolas di Costanzo – previously senior executive at Rosetta Stone Japan, the language-learning software company - will introduce the service to the general public, media, interactive entertainment and education partners in Japan. The service is now available with a Japanese-language user interface.

English Attack! was first launched in Europe and South America in January 2012, and fully compatible with PC’s, Macs and tablet computers browsers.

Said Paul Maglione, Co-founder of Entertainment Learning: “We are very excited to enter the large and dynamic Japanese market for learning English with such a knowledgeable and experienced partner, with whom we will be exploring many different channels for bringing English Attack! to a wide audience of Japanese learners of English.”

Said Nicolas di Costanzo, President of 3goo K.K “English Attack! very innovating and creative features make the English learning experience more fun, engaging and ultimately more efficient - bridging successfully Entertainment and English learning markets. We are also convinced online delivery through short sessions is an appropriate answer to increasing end-users demand for flexibility.

About 3goo K.K.

3goo K.K., established is a leading consultancy and agency for digital entertainment. 3goo KK maintains three core practice areas: Strategic Planning, Commercial Representation and Marketing Services. Headquartered in Tokyo since 2012.

Website : www.3goo.jp

About Entertainment Learning / English Attack! :

Entertainment Learning was created to bring the power of digital entertainment to the world of education. It is positioned in the $50 billion global market for English language learning with English Attack!, an innovative online educational service based on cognitive neuroscience and which features learning units based on authentic entertainment content. The service is available in 25 languages and is available as a premium subscription service direct to consumers as well as being available via multi-user licenses to schools and other educational institutions in addition to company language training programs.



For Entertainment Learning:

Paul Maglione


e-mail: paul.maglione@english-attack.com

For 3goo K.K.:

Nicolas di Costanzo

e-mail: nicolas.costanzo@english-attack.com

An Innovative Pedagogical Approach to Learning English

English Attack! was developed by English teachers and media and videogaming experts in collaboration with researchers in cognitive neuroscience. The service represents a totally new approach to learning English.

Near-daily exposure to a language is by now recognized as a sine qua non factor in the effective learning of it. On English Attack!, the combination of fresh, current, real-world entertainment content with easy access short-session exercises creates the ideal conditions for frequent use of the site, and thus frequent exposure to (and use of) English.

English Attack! achieves this with a combination of video clips, thematic visual dictionaries, and learning games; a “gamified” motivational ecosystem; and an international community of learners of English.

Video Boosters are fun, interactive lessons based on short (one to three-minute) video clips from current movies, hit TV series, news channels and music videos. Subscribers have access to over 1,000 video exercises.

English Attack! also features Photo Vocabs: visual dictionaries on a wide variety of subjects, from everyday things and places, to sports, hobbies, and foreign destinations. Over 5,000 multimedia vocabulary items

Learners using English Attack! can periodically revisit the language elements absorbed in these learning units via a range of Practice Games : Swap Mania, Speed Pix and Word Rescue. They're designed to help you retain the vocabulary items seen in these exercises.

With the addictive SayWhat, a video karaoke game, you'll train your oral comprehension in English.

Verb Dash is a highly effective game with which you'll memorize, once and for all, the various forms of irregular verbs.

The service also features the Learn-o-Meter, a visual gauge which allows learners to measure their learning progress on a specific learning unit (a video-based lesson or a visual dictionary), and a contextual coaching function which proposes new exercises to the learner depending on his or her past site activity.

Learning Effectiveness Through User Engagement

The real difference between English Attack! and other online language learning methods is in the very high levels of user engagement with the site by users of English Attack! Average visit duration – across all visitors to the site, not just registered users – is an incredible 16 minutes and 12 seconds per visitor, with an average of nearly 12 site pages visited. The metrics for paying subscribers are even more impressive:

-average weekly subscriber site use: 2 hours and 28 minutes

-weekly average of 9.8 exercises completed by subscribers

-weekly average of 3.6 site visits by subscribers

-87% of English Attack! subscribers use the site at least once a week

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About English Attack!

English Attack! (www.english-attack.com) creates true innovation in the $35 billion market for English language learning via a 100% entertainment-driven approach to helping learners increase and enhance their exposure to, and use of, the language. It achieves this via interactive lessons based on clips from blockbuster movies, hit TV series, and television news reports; chart-topping music videos; professionally produced casual games; visual dictionaries; and a global social network of learners of English.

Entertainment Learning was founded by experienced digital entertainment executives Paul Maglione and Frederic Tibout, who launched English Attack! commercially in 2012 after the service had won or been a finalist in several French and European startup competitions including Plugg Brussels, The Next Web Amsterdam, and Seedcamp Paris.

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