Saudi Telecom Company provides English e-learning service English Attack! via its portal

English Attack! now available in Arabic

Riyadh, December 3rd, 2012: Saudi Telecom Company (STC), in cooperation with Entertainment Learning, announced today the launch in Saudi Arabia of the English Attack! interactive e-learning service via STC’s customer portal.

Riyadh, December 3rd, 2012: Saudi Telecom Company (STC), in cooperation with Entertainment Learning, announced today the launch in Saudi Arabia of the English Attack! interactive e-learning service via STC’s customer portal. The introduction of the English Attack! service, which has been localised into Arabic and adapted for learners in the Kindgom, is a major step in STC’s continuing efforts to provide value-added educational services for its customers, in particular through English Attack!’s “digital immersion” approach to language learning which combines entertainment, innovation and a solid pedagogical method to help create motivation and real progress in English language learning.

STC will provide the service across its portal direct to its customers, with special premium access pricing packages exclusive to its subscribers and a steady stream of newly published learning units available on the site on a continuous basis.

The STC version of the service is available on via the following link.

English Attack! provides the possibility for learners of English to build friendships around the world and exchange views in English via the site’s social network, which has members from 160 countries. The service is built around short, enjoyable learning units (each taking on average 10 minutes or so to complete) ranging from interactive video units based on current movies, TV series and documentaries; photo-based thematic visual dictionaries; and a selection of learning games. STC customers can access the free learning modules on and have the option of boosting the pace of their learning by purchasing a premium subscription, giving them full access to thousands of learning modules with advanced features. 

With the launch of the English Attack! service, STC offers a new and revolutionary digital learning solution to students, teachers and educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), in the firm belief that proficiency in English is a pivotal element for schooling and for academic and professional success.

Said Entertainment Learning Co-founder Frederic Tibout: "We are proud and happy to have built a partnership with a prestigious operator like STC, which recognised the potential for English Attack! in this part of the world and worked closely with us to ensure that this educational service become available to its customers. We look forward to continuing this close collaboration with STC to help KSA nationals as well as expatriates improve their English language skills and to enjoy our approach to language learning at very affordable prices and with the best in user effectiveness and convenience.”

About STC Group

STC Group (Saudi Telecom Company) is the leading telecommunications company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and is ranked number 15 globally. The group has more than 160 million subscribers in ten countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Turkey, South Africa, Lebanon, Jordan and Bahrain, in addition to its presence in the Saudi market, offering the most innovative services in the industry.

STC operates one of the region's most advanced telecommunications networks. The network spans all corners of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and extends to all neighbouring countries in addition to having investments in terabit-size submarine cable systems that connect 35 countries across North America, Europe, North Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.

In addition to traditional mobile and fixed services to its retail customers, STC offers a broad portfolio of services including Voice over IP, Internet access, IP data services, broadband transport, and many value added services. STC 's Wholesale customers include local and regional operators and carriers, wireless service providers, ISPs, content providers and regional enterprises.

About Entertainment Learning / English Attack!

Entertainment Learning was founded in 2009, based on the vision of transforming education via web 2.0 principles and the power of online entertainment. It is based in Paris, France and operates globally via partnerships in 26 national markets.

Its first online service, English Attack! (, was developed in consultation with a range of professionals in English language learning; cognitive neuroscience, and gamification; and formally launched in July 2011. It delivers a truly innovative approach to language learning, integrating short-format clips from current movies, TV series, news reports and documentaries with games; thematic visual dictionaries; and social networking to create a highly interactive, supportive and fun platform for improving English language skills. 
The service is available to consumers and - via special multi-user licenses and flexible enterprise packages incorporating teacher tools - to schools, universities, language institutes and companies. It is available in 23 languages, including Arabic, allowing easier beginner-level access to the site’s unique pedagogical methodology.
 English Attack! is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing online English language learning services.

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About English Attack!

English Attack! ( creates true innovation in the $35 billion market for English language learning via a 100% entertainment-driven approach to helping learners increase and enhance their exposure to, and use of, the language. It achieves this via interactive lessons based on clips from blockbuster movies, hit TV series, and television news reports; chart-topping music videos; professionally produced casual games; visual dictionaries; and a global social network of learners of English.

Entertainment Learning was founded by experienced digital entertainment executives Paul Maglione and Frederic Tibout, who launched English Attack! commercially in 2012 after the service had won or been a finalist in several French and European startup competitions including Plugg Brussels, The Next Web Amsterdam, and Seedcamp Paris.

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